HFC Technical Overview

Network Infrastructure

The HFC campus network has undergone continual updates since several disparate departmental networks were joined together in 1995. With centralized file servers and full Internet access for all registered students, a managed, high capacity, well integrated network has become absolutely critical. Server virtualization provides a high degree of scalability and reliability for the College's ever-growing data and computing needs.

Identity Management

HFC's Identity Management system provides users with seamless, integrated access to all ITS-supported systems. Combined with password self-service, this system provides trouble-free authentication for thousands of users daily.

Student and Financial Management System

HFC's Student and Financial Management System provides support for the College's Admissions, Assessment, Counseling, Registration, Student Accounts Payable, and Student Records functions, as well as serving the Human Resources, Payroll and Business Accounting needs. ITS provides a wide variety of support, integration, and custom development services for users of HFC's Automated Network of Knowledge (HANK) and its related systems.

File and Print Services

Recent technological advances may have taken the spotlight in network computing, but file and print services remain the core of HFC's network offerings. ITS provides high-availability clustered network servers, backed by a robust Storage Area Network (SAN) to provide unparalleled network uptime, all of which is automatically provisioned through integration with HANK and the Identity Management system.

Electronic Mail Services

ITS provides email to all HFC employees using Novell GroupWise. In addition, ITS supports integrated Google Apps for Education to provide email (HawkMail) and related services to all HFC students.

Internet Connectivity

ITS maintains Internet Connectivity through multiple service providers to provide stable and robust bandwidth for HFC's network users. In addition, ITS maintains high speed Wide-area Networks between multiple locations, including the East Campus and our disaster recovery facility in Warren, MI.


HFC offers wireless connectivity in all college buildings on both campuses with approximately 200 wireless Access Points. These access points are evenly divided between two controllers, and in the event of a single controller failure, each individual controller is powerful enough to support all 200 access points.

Document Imaging

ITS supports HFC's ImageNow document imaging solution. ImageNow integrates with HANK to fuel operational efficiency. This technology provides document management and imaging that can capture and process important documents while protecting data integrity throughout that document's life cycle. Financial Aid, Registration, and Admissions and the Welcome Center are just a few of the departments that have found using ImageNow has helped to resolve questions by providing immediate access to student documents. ImageNow is also used in Foundation, Financial Services, Enrollment Development, Nursing, and Human Resources departments.

Web Publishing

Henry Ford College has selected Drupal™, a powerful open source content management platform, to provide a robust and versatile framework for building websites. HFC's content creators can now deliver critical information to students, faculty, staff and administrators quickly and effectively using a reliable platform that is consistent across all HFC websites.

Digital Signage

HFC's Digital Signage System provides digital ads, weather updates and emergency alerts to the Main and East campuses. Information is displayed on 38 widescreen monitors and displays throughout the college.

HFC TV - Channel 24

ITS provides technical support for HFC TV Channel 24 broadcasting.

Emergency Notification

The college has a comprehensive Emergency Notification System that uses a variety of technologies to notify faculty, staff, students, and the community in a quick and efficient manner. The methods include email, digital signage, and real time desktop computer notification. Central to the notification process is the ability to send text messages to mobile devices.

Telephone and Voice Mail Systems

ITS also supports HFC's telephony needs with a Voice over IP (VoIP) system and integrated voice messaging. This includes the ability to automatically record all emergency calls, and to send emergency broadcasts to all campus phones.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Of course, all of these services would be useless without reliable backup. ITS uses a variety of tools to ensure that all of HFC's data is backed up, and in some cases, ready to run from redundant systems in case of failure.