WebAdvisor FAQ

Q: What is my username?

Your Username (or Login ID) is generated by the HANK system and used by all other systems on campus. This is usually your first initial, middle initial, and last name, followed by a number (if necessary) to create a unique ID.

Use What's My User ID in WebAdvisor to find your username. You will need to provide your last name and either your HANK ID or your Social Security Number for identification.

Q: What is my HANK ID?

Every person entered into the system is identified by a unique seven-digit number. This identifier is your HANK ID. This number should appear on all of your HFC documents, and is the fastest way for HFC staff to check your information when you have a problem or question.

Q: What is my Password?

For information about passwords, please visit the HFC Universal Password page.

Q: My last name has changed. Can I change my login to match it?

Please visit the office of Registration and Records for a login name change.

Q: Where do I send email if I have a WebAdvisor problem?

The best place to send email regarding WebAdvisor is myhfcc@hfcc.edu. You can also call 313-845-6403 for assistance.