Find My Network Login

Student Accounts

Every student enrolled since the August 1997 has been assigned a user login account on the system. Students now have up to 30 MB of storage space available on the file server and Internet access, including a personal home page. Only those students enrolled in selected courses have e-mail services.

Ever person is assigned a permanent login name when entered into the HANK database system. This account is immediately available to access WebAdvisor. When you enroll and register for a class, your network login account will be automatically created (usually within 30 minutes) and the account will remain active as long as you are enrolled in courses at HFC. Your network account will automatically expire 60 days after the end of your last registered course, but your data will not be deleted until your account has been inactive for at least six months.

If you return after not attending HFC for one (or more) semesters, your account will be re-enabled. However, any old data that was deleted due to inactivity will not be restored.

Faculty Accounts

Full and part time instructors who are currently employed by the college (according to HR records) will automatically have login accounts on the HFC network.

Instructors are limited to 50 MB of storage on the network server so it important that instructors properly manage their allocated resources.

All current HFC employees also have a Novell GroupWise email account. This account will be used for all formal communication with the college. After leaving the college, your HFC email account will remain available as long as you use it on a regular basis. Email accounts will be deleted if they have not been checked for over two years.

Finding User Accounts

Student and faculty login information can be found by following the What's My User ID? link in My HFC WebAdvisor. Student logins are also listed on WebAdvisor Class Rosters.

Your initial password is the MONTH and DAY of their birth date. New users are required to change their passwords and set challenge questions to allow resetting forgotten passwords. If you do not change your password, you will not be able to log into any HFC system more than six times.

User account names are in the following format XYZZZZZn, where:

X = First initial
Y = Middle Initial
Z = Last Name
n = A numeric identifier to insure unique accounts, if required

Wireless Accounts

Logins for Wireless @ HFC are the same as your Novell network login. More information regarding wireless access can be found here.