Policies and Procedures

10 steps to a better IT support process

From: 10 steps to a better IT support process

Acceptable Use Policy

Update 1-29-15 Henry Ford College Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy Policy 6800 Henry Ford College's computers, peripherals, software, networks, supplies, e-mail systems, and Internet connections ("HFC's Systems") are intended to carry out the legitimate operational functions of HFC and not...

Access to Network and Internet Resources

Access to non-college computer resources The College is not obligated to provide employees with access to non-college computer resources. Numerous Internet available resources are not available via the College network due to a number of considerations (bandwidth, legal liability, incompatibility...

Anti-Virus, Anti-SpyWare and Anti-Spam Procedures

HFC has implemented a robust assortment of tools to provide comprehensive protection against viruses, SpyWare and unsolicited commercial email (spam). Products The following Products are used in securing the network, servers, and workstations from viruses and Spam: Microsoft Security Essentials (...

College Data Storage Policies

The recent theft of computers containing sensitive employee and student data from Grand Rapids Community College is an important reminder that proper security must be maintained at all times.

Groupwise Email Policies and Procedures

HFC uses GroupWise e-mail for all full time faculty, staff, and adjuncts. Mail handling is dependent on the post office the user belongs to. Full time faculty are members of the FAC post office, administrators and staff are members of the ADM post office, and adjunct faculty are members of the...

HFC WebAdvisor and Network Login Creation Policy

All HFC usernames are based on a person's myHFC WebAdvisor login. How and when are these logins created? HFC now uses automated processes to create all login accounts. First, we monitor for changes in HANK. The following data is monitored:

Procedure for Data and Voice Drop Requests

All requests for drops, including TIF projects, are to be initiated by the Department or Division office. The requester must create a Req in HANK that includes: room number and an account number for the installation charge. For single drops, the requester will clearly mark the location of the drop...

Software Licensing Procedure

Recently, questions have arisen with regard to policy and direction regarding software licensing and security on campus. This memo is intended to answer those questions.

Surplus Equipment Procedures

All college owned computers and related equipment must be sent to ITS for processing prior to being redistributed or salvaged for parts prior to disposal. For those computers being redistributed, it is the responsibility of the sending college/department to ensure that all college and personal...