What is WebAdvisor?

WebAdvisor is the web-based interface for Henry Ford's Automated Network of Knowledge (HANK) and provides many useful tools for students, faculty, support staff and administrators. Using WebAdvisor, general college students can register, add, drop and pay for classes, retrieve grades, and get updates on financial aid info. Workforce Development students can enroll, register and pay for classes. Faculty can get class rosters, take attendance, and enter grades. Staff and administrators can get employment information such as leave time and pay advices.

Try the Getting Started Guide or the FAQ for quick answers to WebAdvisor questions.

Accessing Pay Advices through WebAdvisor

Instructions for accessing Pay Advices in WebAdvisor.

Grade Entry in WebAdvisor

All grades must be submitted via WebAdvisor under final grading (note: final grades are entered under Grading on the menu NOT in Gradebook, unless you have already been using Gradebook to manage your class information.) Every student must receive a grade regardless if they attended or not (what...

WebAdvisor FAQ

This page contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions about WebAdvisor.